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Azure Cosmos Cloud Database

Microsoft Lowers Entry-Level Cost of Cosmos DB Unlimited Containers

Microsoft is reducing the entry-level costs of using its high-performance containers with the Azure Cosmos DB cloud database service.
New Google Cloud DLP Features

Cloud Data Leak Exposes Information on 123 Million Americans

NEWS ANALYSIS: Yet another Amazon S3 cloud storage data leak is publicly disclosed. What can organizations do to eliminate the risk?
HPE, Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud

Informatica Updates iPaaS With AI Data Management Recommendations

Data management and integration company Informatica leverages artificial Intelligence and microservices in a new release of its iPaaS (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service) offering.
Bing Maps Fleet APIs

Microsoft Tackles Vehicle Fleet Management With New Bing Map APIs

The APIs can be used by commercial vehicle fleet managers to avoid potentially dangerous road hazards and keep better track of their drivers.

Google Machine Learning Model Rates Aesthetic Qualities of Photos

In addition to the technical attributes of a photo, Google's Neural Image Assessment model can predict if humans will likely find an image aesthetically pleasing.

Why Lack of Proper Governance Puts Cloud Deployments at Risk SLIDESHOW

A survey of 300 It professionals by Fugue, a company that specialized in cloud infrastructure governance, found that many companies have deployed cloud systems without an adequate governance plan, which increases the risk of security breaches and inefficiency.

Predictions 2018: Why Serverless Processing May Be Wave of the Future

Amazon's AWS Lambda is the biggest and best-known example of serverless computing, whose days ahead are enticing to more than a few IT managers.

CES Preview: AirSelfie Takes Selfie Stick Concept to New Heights

Among the dozens of demos at CES this year will be one of a little flying drone called AirSelfie--the first pocket-sized camera drone that can be controlled by a phone app.
Google Mobile-First Web Crawling

Google to Index, Rank Sites Using Mobile Versions of Their Content

Google says it will gradually roll out mobile-first indexing of websites on its search platform.
Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Uses AI to Expose Insights Buried in Excel Spreadsheets

Microsoft's new Insights in Excel feature uses artificial intelligence to help users find data trends that are tucked deep in their spreadsheets.

Predictions 2018: Automation Will Dominate Network Innovation

As the internet gets increasingly more fragile, automation--as it is in most other IT categories--becomes a big factor in making it run more efficiently. Cisco Systems will be deploying its new intent-based networking (IBN) approach.
Net Neutrality Action

Amazon, Apple, Google Squabbles Show Real Threat to Network Neutrality

NEWS ANALYSIS: While you were watching the drama in Washington, the real site blocking was actually going on much farther west as Amazon, Apple and Google squabbled.

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