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Upgrade Aging Laptops with SSDs

Microsoft Announces Project Denali SSD Storage Specification Effort

Microsoft took the stage at the Open Compute Summit to announce Project Denali, an effort to develop a Solid State Drive specification tailored for flash storage in large scale data centers.

How IBM Aims to Make AI Commonplace in AppDev, Business

Company has a good playmaker with Watson, who wins at "Jeopardy" and runs around solving all kinds of business problems without a moment of rest.

VMware Makes Big Move into the Office with BI-Driven Workspace

New workspace platform includes updated management for both Windows and macOS devices inside an enterprise system.
Zuckerberg Talks About Data Breach

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Promises Fixes After User Profile Breach

NEWS ANALYSIS: Facebook users have to be wondering if they can ever trust the social network to protect their data after company founder Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that it failed correct a breach it had known about since 2015.

How IBM Plans to Help Users Out-Learn the Competition

Make no mistake about it: IBM is into a lot of business use cases, but it’s now made Watson its beating heart, impacting virtually all parts of its business.

Salesforce Will Start Integration Cloud with MuleSoft Acquisition

It was only a matter of time for MuleSoft, a pioneer in the infrastructure-as-a-service space, to be acquired.
Facebook Data Mining

Cambridge Analytica Breach Reveals Facebook’s Weak User Data Defenses

NEWS ANALYSIS: The misappropriation of 50 million Facebook profiles for political data mining without user consent may not directly affect your organization, but the conditions that allowed it to happen certainly do.
Google Shopping

Google Launches Shopping Program That Aids Brick and Mortar Retailers

Shopping Actions will make it easier for consumers to buy products directly from brick and mortar retailers via Search and Google Assistant.

NATS Messaging Project Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

The NATS project brings a mature open-source messaging technology to the CNCF, in a bid to help to improve high-throughput communications in cloud native environments.
Daily Tech Briefing March 16, 2018

New Google Stackdriver Pricing Includes Pay as You Go Option VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Google announces new pricing for Stackdriver Monitoring and Logging, and an SSD price drop should spur adoption in notebooks.
Crypto-Currency Ad Bad

Google, YouTube Face Obstacles in Effort to Rein in Fraudulent Content

NEWS ANALYSIS: YouTube plans on running reality check postings alongside conspiracy theory videos and Google is imposing a ban on crypto-currency-related advertising to reduce the amount of fraudulent content in circulation.

Skedulo Launches Own Mobile Workforce Management App

Service is a native solution beyond Salesforce and ServiceNow that makes it available to companies with field-service management needs outside of those ecosystems. It can connect to any system of record.

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