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ESF Survey Shows Cloud, HDDs Still Dominate IT Storage

Trend continues: IT managers—responsible for collecting, maintaining, protecting and storing corporate data within their budgetary constraints—are looking more and more to subscription cloud services to secure and store corporate business content.
Google G Suite Update

Google Adding Application ‘Side Access Panel’ to G Suite

A new “side access panel” will give G Suite users quick access to data in other applications while they are editing a Google Doc or using the Google Calendar, according to the post.
SharePoint Upgrade Roll Out

SharePoint Updates Coming for Hub Sites, News, Pages, Web Parts

Microsoft will start rolling the updates out to Targeted Release customers in early September, with a global release through November.

What Enterprises Need to Know About New-Gen Collaboration IT

As more and more companies in various verticals discover the benefits of collaborating with each other, much of the corporate world is starting to look more like a big bunch of BFFs, hanging out together and innovating in an effort to attract their own pieces of the market.

Maxta, Red Hat, Intel Team Up for Hyperconverged '(Un)Appliance'

This pre-configured system consists of Red Hat and Maxta software bundled on Intel Data Center Blocks hardware. The joint package provides appliance-based hyperconvergence benefits without the disadvantages of conventional systems.

How Multi-Sided Digital Platforms Are Changing the Rules in IT

A multi-sided platform grows in value to the extent that it attracts more users, a phenomenon known as the “network effect.”

ScyllaDB: Product Overview and Insight

Scylla is an open-source drop-in replacement for Apache Cassandra. While preserving the best traits of Cassandra in high availability, fault tolerance and its rich ecosystem, Scylla offers developers a higher-performing and resource-effective NoSQL database.

Why Mission Critical Cloud App Breakdowns Require Lengthy Fixes SLIDESHOW

Enterprises are finding that that mission-critical business apps—such as sales transaction processing application—are breaking down in the cloud, requiring lengthy repairs that impair availability.

How California’s New Consumer Privacy Act Stands to Impact Business

The new data privacy law is the state’s attempt to rectify the excesses revealed by Cambridge Analytica and other organizations in which consumer information was used, sold and frequently ravaged without consent.
Dell EMC Enterprise Network Switch

Dell EMC Designs New Networking Switch for Speed, Big Data Centers

The new Dell EMC 2U platform offers 64 100GbE ports and adds to the vendor’s growing lineup of Open Networking products that can run third-party software.

How G2 Crowd Wants to Stop Billions in Wasted Software

G2 Crowd’s first quarterly Momentum Grid Report, launched Aug. 15, is aimed to assist line-of-business buyers in selecting software packages that will meet their needs now and in the future.
Daily Tech Briefing Aug. 16, 2018

Google Location Tracking Continues Even After Turned Off, Probe Finds VIDEO

DAILY VIDEO: Probe finds Google tracks your location even when you tell it to stop, and DHS is using its Red Team approach to improve national cyber-security.

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